In April 27 1961, President John F. Kennedy delivered a speech to a gathering of American journalists. In that speech he seemed to warn us all of a “world-wide ruthless conspiracy” that is operating in the shadows against humanity. To my knowledge it never became clear exactly what Mr. Kennedy meant. This blog is an attempt to take a closer look at just that – what Mr. Kennedy might have meant.

We will start with the events in Fukushima, Japan 2011. The events in Japan during spring that year is what made me realize that world wide media can actually be controlled by powers that are hidden to us. I wanted to understand HOW, WHO and WHY so I began investigating the matter. This blog is a reflection of what I have found during that investigation.It is a story that will challenge your view on both current affairs and world history. It is a story that takes the form of a pyramid. The higher you climb the pyramid, the more your belief system will be challenged.